tirsdag 18. februar 2014

no winter holiday for a skier..

This week it's one year ago that I fell and tore my left ACL in Sogndal. I'm on my way back, with a stopover in Hemsedal as last year. Staying with Olek, my man in Amsterdam (Hemsedal). I decided to try to ski on the level I should hold for competing with the boys, even though I have only skied 6 days so far this year and still lack the confidence and form I think one should have for competing on the highest level of freeride skiing in Norway. To my surprise my knees feel better than last week and skiing powder feels just fine. I will head off to Sogndal with the confidence I need to perform at least an 80% run, and I will use this opportunity to warm up my competition nerves before Stavanger, and eventually the rest of the Norwegian Cup! check out our small edit from the weekend!

ingen vinterferie from Alexander Kristensen on Vimeo.

fredag 16. august 2013

Getting back on track

What a bumpy ride. 

It's easy to think that 3 months are going to go by fast. It's easy to be courageous and think that you can get through anything. I'm pretty sure that's what got me in this spot in the first place. Probably shouldn't have been the 65'th guy to jump off that cliff with most speed and point for the ice. One torn ACL later... surgery or no surgery?

Well, to rewind it a bit. My first ACL surgery was about 5.5 years ago. We have a tenancy to neglect harsh times, and focus on the positives. This is a good thing, but in my case I must admit that I truly had something else in mind when I was looking forward to 3 months of rehab before another 6 months of hard training to get back.

I'm not going to take you through the steps, there are plenty of blogs, discussions and good information of post ACL reconstruction information for the willing out there. I will say, patience is truly a virtue. Of which I lack, to a certain extent.

Anyways. Main reason for this blog update; I got a message from one of the up and coming young skiers that are part of the group I train in Heming Adrenalin Freeride! OSLO's own freeride-skiing group.

"What are good training tips to get ready for the skiing season, without going to the gym?"

Carl Peder is young and talented, and he is motivated! I like that. I am neither young nor especially talented, but I truly make up for it in motivation. You can ask any of the people I surf with down under these days.

So, here are a couple of tips for easy exercises you can do on your own in the morning. I recommend doing it in the morning to kick start and activate your core muscle groups. These are the most important muscles for your reflexes. And as we all know, reflexes make or break in competitive action sports!

1. One legged squat to toe stand: Great for balance, support muscles around hip, knee and ankle. Also good thigh and back muscle training. 5 x 5 repetitions for each foot will get you going.

Don't go any deeper than approx. 90 degree angle in knee.

2. Plank to push-up to side plank (leg lift optional). Great exercise for frontside core, shoulders and also some knee stability. 5 push ups to each side is a good goal to start with.

when I say optional, it's not really. It's the goal. Better to try and fall than not try ;)

3. Upward facing dog to downward facing dog. This is excellent for shoulders (different rotation than last one), core and also stretching out the hamstrings and back. Make sure not to rest thighs on the ground when looking up, and suck in the stomach to protect the spine. Can you do 10 reps after the push-ups?

If you have tight muscles like me, it's better to bend the knees slightly and try to straighten out the back, then to have straight legs and a bent back.

4. Core lift to table pose. This exercise focuses on the back, hamstring, glutes and opening the shoulders, after getting the front core muscles going you need to compensate and get the backside working too. Try holding both positions for 5 seconds, remember to breathe. 6 x.

when reaching for the table pose, try to really shoot those shoulders back, suck in the belly and lift the hips, If you feel comfortable let your head hang and feel the self massage this posture gives the neck and shoulders.

Last, but not least, one table a day keeps the competitors away. This is great! It's difficult (for me at least;) It's fun and gives you a good stretch out on the hip flexers, stomach and chest.

Kick off the day with these exercises and see your energy level upped! And keep up with the rest of the pre-season training as well! I ride my bike to school 4 days a week, train yoga, some weights and last but not least I surf :D Get into your local activity, whether it's climbing, mountain biking, kite surf, swimming, running... ENJOY!

lørdag 27. april 2013

The rehab

Going on 3rd week after surgery.

Quick recap. After a total rupture of my ACL in my left knee after my crash in Sogndal Freeride this season. I had a couple of weeks of training before my surgery and the surgeon did a reconstruction of the ACL with a hamstring graft (means you take one of the hamstring muscle tenants and use it to make a new ACL after removing the rests of the old one) at Teres Drammen, where the best in the country operate on the best in the country. I was lucky enough to get the same surgeon as Kjetil Jansrud, of the Norwegian national alpine team (who has the same injury as me).

First couple of weeks it's all about staying on the couch, trying to balance the pain vs. the movement. You don't want to move too much with the painkillers, because then you cannot communicate properly with your body and knee, but no painkillers and no movement is not good either. I recon it's quite normal for athletes to push it a bit hard in the beginning, as did I. The first week I pretty much stayed in bed or on the couch the whole day changing ice packs and keeping the leg elevated. Second week I really got into the floor exercises the physio showed me, basically:

1. Contracting the hamstring to get some movement in the knee.
2. Flexing the quadriceps to keep the muscles alive and
3. lifting the knee for overall support.

Now I'm hopping around on one crutch at home, I am able to do some upper body training, and am able to go to school for a couple of hours at a time. Which is good for the psyche. Monday I'm heading back to the physio to see how far I have come and make training plans for the next couple of weeks. Exited to say the least!

To ski hard or not to ski hard...

I want to take this time to reflect a bit over the paradox about what I do. I spend a lot of my time and money to through myself into "the unknown", to get the long longed-for adrenaline that keeps me going. After a line, a trick, a cliff, all you really want to do is to go back up and get a new one. It's like you never really get what you're looking for. Until your body starts to ache, many small injuries build up and at this point you do it more because you know you wanted it sometime, and not because you want it now.

Then came the injury. It's funny, because being told that if I'm lucky and train hard I could best hope to be back on skis in the end of december, beginning of january really motivates me. It's like the whole "you want what you can't have" - feeling. And this is not unexpected at all. I must say that the last time I had ACL surgery, now about 4 years ago, I came back stronger than ever. More motivated, more fit and definitely hungry for success.

I read that boys feel a need to sought out their boundaries, they come to a certain age and need to push their limits and feel alive. In many cultures there are rituals for these needs, boys get left out in the woods and have to fight for survival, if they make it back alive they are considered to be men. If they don't come back at all, they were never supposed to (Jon Krakauer - Into the wild, 1996).

Is this what we are doing? Is this the manhood test? I have to do more research on the field to get my head around this, but for now I know that I'm dreaming about skiing, picturing what I want to do, looking forward to all the hours in the gym and really getting motivated to train hard and get back out there and push it again. Maybe a bit more smart this time. Maybe a bit more appreciative...? Who knows. I definitely feel the appreciation of what I had when it's gone, but I'm lucky enough to be able too look forward and see the light in the end of the tunnel.

That's it for now, schoolwork awaits. Asta.

lørdag 23. februar 2013

Season over? Blog over... no!

Crashed in Sogndal. Really sucks.

Makes you think though, pretty lucky to escape with a minor injury like the ACL tear. Not gonna say for sure what's wrong until the CT scan shows us how it looks inside. Here are some initial thoughts:

It's tough to deal with the whole competition format. But we kind of love it at the same time. We're all super nervous, looking, checking, laughing, freezing...

what do you think? what's your plan? I think I'm gonna go there. But also thinking about this. Then the wait.

I was bib 65, that's 5 hours on the top, enough time to get cold and try to warm up again 15-20 times, and when it's time to drop I had gone through my line so many times in my head there was absolutely no turning back. I knew exactly where I had to go, and I knew if I could ski this fast and fluid I would probably win. After sticking the flip on the top and charging through to the middle cliff the snow was feeling good, the skis were feeling good, and I was feeling good. Charging through to the bottom section I had my plan ready.

Apparently there was a lot of ice and not many people had been able to stick anything on the section I was heading for after the first couple of riders had made sure to remove most of the soft snow. This left me in a situation where I have to make some "on the go" assessments, which I apparently made wrong.

So with a torn ACL in my left knee, and already a new one in my right knee, this is now going to be a fitness- blog. I might blog about fashion, politics and war and peace and stuff also. Choose your pick, send me wishes. I'll have plenty of time...

Monday starts the process of getting the knee scanned, training, and generally gathering information to figure out what to do next.

Here is the small air into the shoot, problem was that the landing was pure ice, lost me all control and shot me out the next air with my skis first.

Now, math ... my grades are gonna love this injury! (hopefully;)


onsdag 6. februar 2013


Innsbruck, Jan 2013.

First a little edit by the infamous Ole Marius Elvestad: 

EP.TWO from Ole Marius Elvestad on Vimeo.

Last week I busted my hip and shoulder on a rail in Tryvann. So been a bit off skiing for some days now, but tomorrow it's off to Munich and through to Hochfugen for next comp of the season. I look at this as a great opportunity to get some more comp practice before heading to Sogndal for the first stop of the Norwegian freeride cup. If it doesn't get cancelled, as we god news it might be just now... fingers crossed!

Ski ya!

søndag 6. januar 2013

Welcome 2013!!

Back in Innsbruck. Staying at Fabian Lentsch's place, and skiing around in the area. Check out our small edit from the last couple of days: Next weekend marks the beginning of the competition season. We start off in La Clusaz on friday. The qualification is planned for saturday and the final for sunday. Also "the hulk" (aka Elvis the Machine, aka Elvis, aka el caballo comandante) is coming down for some POW and maybe we'll get some shots ala Jotunheimen?? who knows... stay tuned in! Cheeriooo

onsdag 2. mai 2012

Jotunheimen, Norway

So Fabian, Erling Magnus Solheim, Sigurd Løvfall, Marit, Karoline and I spent Easter in the Norwegian mountains. The cabin Olavsbu is located in the middle of Jotunheimen national park and is open to the public. The area is home to some of Norway’s most spectacular and untouched mountains. The only competitors for the first track are lost cross-country skiers on their way to the next cabin. The weather gods were by our side and showed us Norway at its finest.

mandag 23. april 2012

No way freeride cup...

As the final in Røldal got cancelled too, it's a fact that deciding to ski the entire Norwegian freeride cup this year was probably not the best plan one could make. But hey, it could have been awesome!!! I guess that's just how it is with freeride competitons, you win some and you loose some. In retrospect my roommate said he was glad he didn't prioritize the comps this year. I wish I could say the same.. I have travelled "land and beach" around and about Norway this year to spend all my money drinking with an awesome group of people in remote places! Would I have done it again? Yeah, probably I would. Because that's just what you have to do, in order to maybe get that awesome comp day. The one with good weather the exitement of skiing well, with all your friends around and in front of a crowd. And the insane feeling you get after stomping your line in full speed... after being so nervous you were about to puke and wet yourself at the top!! Next year then maybe... Anyways, time for rehabilitation of just about all the ligaments in my body, and even if the Røldal final got cancelled, I managed to satisfy my thirst for some late season "høkking"! Hope you all have enjoyed checking out the edits we've been putting out this season too.. here are the last ones. Ski ya!!

fredag 20. april 2012

Røldal Freeride 2012 - part I

Røldal Qualification run. Made it to the finals with my run yesterday. The final today got cancelled, but we're hoping for better weather tomorrow. The visibility was pretty poor when I skied, but I managed to stay on my feet and got lucky on the top windlip.. ;) Check it out!

mandag 27. februar 2012

Sogndal Freeride Cancelled!

Sogndal Freeride Cancelled!

Due to extreme weather and massive avalanche risk in the high mountains the organizers of Sogndal Freeride, which was supposed to be the opening competition of the Norwegian Freeride Cup got cancelled. This is of course a lame outcome after traveling to Sogndal and preparing for a possibly great comp. But we utilized the snowfall and had a good time skiing. We have tons of respect for the experienced mountain personnel, and we would not have it any other way than that they are confident of the decisions they make, and wish us all well. Safety in the mountains is top priority.

Here is a vid of some of our days in Sogndal:

After staying a couple of days extra in Sogndal for the "Fjellsport Festival" (Mountain sport festival), we headed towards Hemsedal and had a couple of nice days climbing, and ski mountaineering! With Sigurd Løvfall, Erling Magnus Solheim and Niklas Poulsen, I climbed the Skogshorns couloir in the Lykkja area right east of Hemsedal.

Check it out:

Next stop in the Norwegian Cup is Lofoten Freeride. I travel to Lofoten with Erling Magnus and Sigurd on the 7th of March! Comp day set to 9th..

Ski ya!

mandag 20. februar 2012

Big Mountains...

Alp adventure coming to an end. Looking forward to skiing Norway!

Every season I travel to the alps in the beginning of the season to get a good skiing foundation in my legs in the early season, there are longer runs, easier accessible off piste from the lifts and many good features to practice freeriding. This year I started by visiting my buddy, Fabian in Innsbruck where we skied around the area that consists of over 80 different small resorts. Fabian is a local and knows many good runs, so it's always good to follow him around.

After a couple of weeks on the road we headed towards La Clusaz, I was feeling strong, but since I injured myself there last year I decided to take it a bit more easy, it payed off and I finished 7th. Then we hooked up with Leo and the Norwegians in Chamonix for a ski, before heading back east. I got off the car in Zürich and took the train to a small village called Disentis, located between Chur and Andermatt. It's become more and more infamous for it's easy accessible lines, good snow conditions and playful terrain. I was here to get to know the area and prepare to work with Camp Fluid as a freeride instructor. Andreas and I couldn't have timed the camp better, seeing that we got pretty much either hammered with snow or sunshine for a good month!

The next competition was Engadin Snow, which got cancelled because of a storm that pretty much blowed away the snow from the face of the comp. I was feeling good and ready to charge, after feeling I had much more to give than in La Clusaz, but bummed out when the comp got cancelled and we only got back less than half of our money. So getting stoked before Hochfugen was not as easy. There were roumers that the face had been ridden plenty the last couple of weeks. The rules state that in a four star event the face should be closed minimum two weeks before a competition. This to give better conditions for the riders, and also to make sure that the comp is as fair as possible. In competitions like this when most of us come and look at the face from the bottom to choose our line, you can imagine how much it helps to have "inspection runs". Anyways, not feeling it and missing my line got me a 20th place. Better luck next year.. ;)

On the positive side, body is feeling good, I'm on my way back home to my girl, and looking forward to the Norwegian Cup. I have two comps in already in this season, so that definitely also helps for the confidence going into the cup!

Ski ya,

BTW: thermoses are underrated!!! :D

Some pics from the run in Hochfugen:

torsdag 2. februar 2012

On our way to Hochfügen!

Next stop: Black Diamond Big Mountain Hochfügen FWQ 4*

So arrived at Fabis place in Völs yesterday evening. Our plan was to drive to Hochfügen, but since Fabis car got hit by a big snowplow machine, and now it's temporary out of order. We'll be heading in to Innsbruck to rent a car and be on our way.

The competition is set for Saturday, if the weather holds up, for now it looks like it will be a good weather window on saturday morning, but it's gonna be about 25 below. So could be a cold pleasure!

More updates and pictures of the face will come!

Ski ya!!

lørdag 21. januar 2012

torsdag 19. januar 2012

La Clusaz Radical - Finished 7th place.

Just spent a small week in La Clusaz, France, about one hours drive west of Chamonix. Beautiful resort.

Here are the runs I made, as you can see on the video it was pretty hard and not super conditions, but firm snow and pretty good conditions in the bottom of the final face. Enjoy.

Next stop Engadin Snow in St. Moritz, till then skiing in Disentis with Camp Fluid, look out for some new footage to come soon! :)

Getting there...

Our accommodation. Pascal "the kiwi" place. Fabian and Eric chillin in the living room!

Snowsick Roadtrip part 3

Then it was time for the third part of Fabi and my Snowsick roadtrip.

This time in Austria, Pitztal with Manuel Lentsch.

søndag 8. januar 2012

Snowsick Roadtrip part 2

New edit ready, snowsick on the road. This time been trapped in a valley called Pitztal in Austria with massive snowfalls. Check out the new vid.

mandag 2. januar 2012

New years snowsick in the alps!

Out and about with apprx 65 kg of luggage! :P

After arriving in Innsbruck on the 27th of dec, Fabian Lentsch and I went skiing some days around Innsbruck. We started by checking the conditions in Axamer  Lizum. Where we found some nice coloires that still remained untouched after a couple of sunny days. Some long hiking finally payed off when we got to make the first powder turns!

Fabian in the middle of the last hike! Stairway to heaven!

"It's formal, but I'm here to party!"
 Then there was my Birthday party where Alex Hoffman showed up in his tuxedo t-shirt... Which is pretty awesome, because it kind of says that he's formal, but he's here to party!

Then we met up with Marcus and Raphael to check out the tremendous snowfall that was expected in Switzerland in Lötschental. We ended up being stranded in Lötschental over new years, with too much of an avalanche hazard to be able to get to our car and luggage in the next village even.

Marcus is always inspired!

tirsdag 27. desember 2011

Avgårde til Østerrike!

Da reiser jeg avgårde til Østerrike for å hooke opp med crewet fra Snowsick, vi skal ut og se om ikke vi finner noe spennende terreng og linjer! Fabian møter meg i Innsbruck ikveld, derfra skal vi fra Zillertal og gjennom Sveits for å komme oss til konkurransen i La Clusaz. Med oss på veien har vi film og bildekameraer og vi skal gjøre vårt beste for å holde blog og facebook oppdatert underveis! Gledelig romjul til alle sammen!

Kos dere med bildeserien fra Chamo så lenge! :)

onsdag 14. desember 2011

Some steeps in Grand Montets, Chamonix

Last week the snow has been dumping in Chamonix. And more to come! Forecast is promising about another meter of snow before the weekend sets in fully.

Eivind, one of my Cham buddies has some early season steeps he likes to get into to get the skiing back in the good old legs. He took me on some pretty heart pumping runs the last couple of days, here's some of it!