lørdag 23. februar 2013

Season over? Blog over... no!

Crashed in Sogndal. Really sucks.

Makes you think though, pretty lucky to escape with a minor injury like the ACL tear. Not gonna say for sure what's wrong until the CT scan shows us how it looks inside. Here are some initial thoughts:

It's tough to deal with the whole competition format. But we kind of love it at the same time. We're all super nervous, looking, checking, laughing, freezing...

what do you think? what's your plan? I think I'm gonna go there. But also thinking about this. Then the wait.

I was bib 65, that's 5 hours on the top, enough time to get cold and try to warm up again 15-20 times, and when it's time to drop I had gone through my line so many times in my head there was absolutely no turning back. I knew exactly where I had to go, and I knew if I could ski this fast and fluid I would probably win. After sticking the flip on the top and charging through to the middle cliff the snow was feeling good, the skis were feeling good, and I was feeling good. Charging through to the bottom section I had my plan ready.

Apparently there was a lot of ice and not many people had been able to stick anything on the section I was heading for after the first couple of riders had made sure to remove most of the soft snow. This left me in a situation where I have to make some "on the go" assessments, which I apparently made wrong.

So with a torn ACL in my left knee, and already a new one in my right knee, this is now going to be a fitness- blog. I might blog about fashion, politics and war and peace and stuff also. Choose your pick, send me wishes. I'll have plenty of time...

Monday starts the process of getting the knee scanned, training, and generally gathering information to figure out what to do next.

Here is the small air into the shoot, problem was that the landing was pure ice, lost me all control and shot me out the next air with my skis first.

Now, math ... my grades are gonna love this injury! (hopefully;)


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